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One Size Fits Most: Crafting Universal Experiences for Diverse Partnerships

My Role: Lead UX Designer

Tools: Figma

Date: August 2023 - November 2023

Project Overview

As the lead designer I developed the user experience and led design for a comprehensive suite of credit management and monitoring tools, empowering users with knowledge and insights. Seamlessly merging education and practicality, I worked to equip users to confidently navigate credit intricacies. The product aims to strike a balance between professionalism and approachability, providing accessible credit monitoring and education in a friendly yet manner.

Key Features

My Credit Hub (not the name of actual product) brings together a range of credit and financial features in one cohesive platform, providing end users with a holistic and user-friendly financial experience. Partners can leverage this suite to enhance the offerings they provide to their customers, fostering increased engagement and satisfaction.

Business Impact for Experian

  • Broad exposure to financial institutions and users through Q2 Marketplace, accelerating adoption.

  • Access to a collaborative ecosystem for efficient development and improved quality.

  • Convenient access to EPS tools for end-users, enhancing credit management.

  • Maximized reach, efficiency, and user satisfaction, reducing time to revenue for the Unity initiative.

  • Rapid time to deployment.

  • Rapid time to test, validate, and iterate in the market

End User Value

  • Intuitive User Experience: Designed for diversity - cater to those working to repair or perfect their credit.

  • Credit Score Monitoring: Regular updates and personalized tips for managing credit effectively.

  • Credit Education: Access to educational resources for improving credit literacy.

  • Personalized Recommendations: Tailored financial product recommendations based on user data.

  • Goal Setting and Tracking: Set and monitor financial goals with ease.

User Experience and Research Activities

User Research: Conducted in-depth user research to understand the needs, preferences, and pain points of both end users and partners. This insight informed the design strategy and feature prioritization.

Wireframing: Developed wireframes to visualize the layout and structure of My Credit Hub. This low-fidelity approach allowed for quick iteration and validation of design concepts.

User Testing: Facilitated user testing sessions to gather feedback on the wireframes, ensuring that the design aligns with user expectations and effectively addresses their needs.

Leading Design on Final UI: Led the UI design team in translating wireframes into polished and visually appealing final designs. Ensured a cohesive and user-centric interface across all features within My Credit Hub.

Design Deliverables

Early Wireframes

Responsive, interactive, and actionable credit monitoring

I worked to combine our two most popular tools - score history and factors - to create an engaging new feature

Credit Attributes

I led a team of UI designers to develop the credit attribute concept

Mobile implementation

User Feedback

The Credit Hub Dashboard performed extremely well in usability testing. Participants tended to view this credit score site, within their credit union account, more favorably than what they currently use to monitor/check their credit. Participants viewed it as a) very user-friendly, b) useful in terms of the tools provided to help them monitor and improve their credit score, and c) comprehensive (i.e., meets their needs).

A few design refinements could be made to improve the usability and overall user experience. These include: 1) making the score simulator easier to find/accessible, 2) under the “notifications” tab, have a section specific to credit score increases/decreases and reasons for the change, and 3) indicate which credit report the user is viewing under the “credit report” tab (i.e., Experian).

All user testing was conducted by our talented UX research team.


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